The Original Frankentrike

was actually a pedal-powered bicycle rickshaw named "Rameena" after one of the lovely passengers I carried across the great expanse of the Black Rock Desert one night during the yearly BurningMan Festival.  It was built in 7 days in August of 2000 from 12 dead bicycles and one "live" one, and then evolved over the three years that followed before finally being retired in August of 2004.  It was Taxi #5 for the Black Rock City Cab Company and miraculously survived four years of adventures at the BurningMan Festival.  It is now a lawn ornament in somebody's backyard on Beacon Hill in Seattle.  It suffered through a few canopy experiments; cycled through several car batteries, inverters and ghettoblasters.  Dueling sound systems were D.J.'d by the driver while tiki lamps, christmas lights, hurricane lanterns and a rotating red police light lit the way and warned others of imminent approach.  Such a warning was indeed necessary as visibility was extremely poor for the driver (especially at night) and the single rear caliper brake was entirely insufficient.  I got into the habit of simply yelling "No Brakes!" as this was easier to clear people out of the way rather than trying to explain the severe inability of the vehicle to stop, especially on any sort of terrain that wasn't absolutely flat (i.e. most of Seattle).

RameenaFrontImage RameenaCloseImage
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