Other Tricycles I have Known and Loved (and cycles, and....), aka "The Random Page"

don't let THIS be your next vehicle--styrofoam and plastic--how's that for quality?! trade in your wreck for a Frankentrike!!!

My first imports from back in 2003: a pair of Thai samlars. A grand learning experience!
silversamlar redsamlar

Leonardo Da Vinci credited as the first to imagine an automobile, 1478. 1769 first actual automobile was a steam-powered three-wheeler
daVincisketch daVincimodel cugnot

"Three-wheeled moto-cars actually predated their two- and four-wheeled cousins, and the concept of a passenger seat behind the rider made little sense at the time.  This machine combined pioneering technology with old-world charm, providing perhaps the clearest visual link to motorcycling's 19th century heritage when steam travel, early autos, pedicabs, and motorcycles were kissing cousins." E.J. Cole Collection
tricar2 1906 Indian Tri-Car tricar1

Women's Lib, 1896 London London Tricycles (screenshots from youtube, The Oldest Footage of London Ever)
1896 london 1911 london londontrike

my favorite jungle in Ravenna (shop has since relocated) This history lesson brought to you by...Frankentrikes!            tata for now...
ravennajungle sociable