Special Thanks to:

Justin Lemire-Elmore  without whom anything electric would not be possible, and for being Frankentrike's #1 fan (whether or not he will admit it)
Joseph Trinh  my first angel investor
John Foster   my angel nutrient investor
John Urlaub  a veritable fount of metal
Home Depot  for their mystical sponsorship
Bob Powell  for your awesome ability to convert my chicken scratch into waterjet-cut steel elements that actually work!
My Parents  for loaning me money even when they don't know that's what they're doing
Hardwick's  for answering all my questions and stocking every widget imaginable
Ken LeBlond  for being a mellow shoplord
Sail Transport Network  for promoting Frankentrikes with nearly as much enthusiasm as their own project
Haulin' Colin  for your kindness and talent and more than is possible to mention here
My brother, Greg  for loaning me tools and not asking for them back right away
Austin Quist   for sticking with it when times got tough
Ben Sharp  for your weird enthusiasm