Frankentrike Prototype

My first attempt and still running strong.  This one continues to change in appearance as features and components are added and removed.  My industrial-strength guinea pig.

Frankentrike gets out of the rain!!!  Two-tiered canopy inspired by bimini top design for motorboats & luxury yachts Sail Transport Network pioneer delivery run
canopyside image canopy rear image STN Delivery

Bear Dyken live & on radio
@ Bicycle Music Festival 2009
BMF2009 Seattle
Amplified music powered by genny bikes

BMF live music parade between performance venues
bearintrike bmfflyer bmfparade

Forget car camping; cargotrike camping is way more fun!
Curious ferrygoer
Heading out of town
TrikeCampingimage Ferryimage LionsGate
"You mean it's electric?!"--Maker's Faire 2007
Maker's Faire 2008--San Francisco
MF2007 MF2008